Introduction and practice of "Varenyum" at workplace will cultivate calm and clarity, offering an effective means of relieving stress and creating mental space. Freeing energy and increasing creativity and enjoyment, meditation can help to build confident decision making and effective action


Varenyum at Work


An unhealthy mind, which manifests as Depression and Stress, has become a major cause of distress in corporate eco-systems. A rat race competition and dog eat dog individualism due to relentless work pressure are the only constants, which on one hand scuttle personal happiness and inner peace, making employees assume responsibilities than they can't possibly handle, leading to eventual emotional and physical exhaustion. An eversion amount of work pressure, due to a severely competitive market is deteriorating the mental health of employees. Stress and Depression related illness are on the rise, which further manifests itself as violence, paranoia and even suicides. This is compelling people to look for jobs that are more mindful and meaningful. The concept of a job that is livelihood centric is radically altering into a concept of work that fosters mental satisfaction and meaningfulness. In this ever-evolving landscape Varenyum seeks to incubate an ecosystem, in respective workplaces that imbibes meditative spiritual practices, which aim to inculcate mindfulness and more meaning into the mundane, thus imparting fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Creating a More Positive, Productive Environment

Each training session will provide your team with meditative practices to cope with work place and management stress, and performance.


What we offer

Varenyum will work with you to understand your workplace culture. We will then craft a customized and focussed program aligned with your professional development goals.

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Guided Session

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Introductory Seminars

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