What is Varenyum

Varenyum’ is a movement that aims to bridge the distance between the conscious and sub-conscious minds, with a vision to maximise individual potential.

‘Varenyum’ is the 7th word of the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ which indicates that each individual should continuously strive for greatness and excellence. An individual attains excellence by observing, contemplating and relentlessly remaining in the pursuit of nobleness.

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What Our Clients Say

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I am happy writing this as we rarely get to express our gratitude to those who have enriched and enhanced us in many ways. The sessions was inspiring and I am in awe of all the knowledge they holds. He is blessed in many ways and I am always eager to learn more and more from his teachings each time I can. He is a modern mystic and may he guide many to be the best versions of themselves.

Founder of 'Blessed Kids', Angelic and Spiritual healer and author


I have known Manu Singh (Principal Instructor) for almost 15 years now. He has been a profound influence in my life, and he guided me on the path of holistic spiritual and intellectual evolution. He is an epitome of empathic living as he shows unconditional love and compassion towards human and non-human kin alike. He has devoted his life to ecological, social, and spiritual wellbeing of our Blue Adobe and its inhabitants (the Mother Earth and their children).

Researcher and teaching assistant, interdisciplinary humanities, University of California


I have been incredibly blessed to have a spiritual guide like Mr. Singh in my life. Calling him a spiritual guide would actually limit his capabilities. He is a person who focuses on the vibrational growth of a person which automatically results in spiritual and social evolution. His methods are logical and the way he connects science with spirituality is absolutely exceptional. I have seen him take sessions with all age groups and it is amazing how he narrows down everything to the understanding of the listener/ practitioner/ subject. He is a great storyteller who weaves the moral intelligently in the subconscious of his subjects. It is an experience listening to him. His program focuses on maintaining the inner balance regardless of the external circumstances which in turn elevates the vibration, spirit and level of consciousness of a person. One is bound to feel the energy transformation and connectedness with self, after his program.

Spanish Faculty at Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain. A traveller and foodie at heart


Being in the world of religion and faith, I've met several religious, spiritual and faith leaders in the world, but only while interacting with Mr Manu Singh do I find answers to my deep queries. These answers are always surprisingly very simple yet smart and correct. I realize that he is a true spiritual leader. While doing a lot of activities with him, I often felt his most sincere attitude towards people and souls. That's what we need the most. I think this is all because of his spiritual practise and mindfulness approaches. Getting inspired from him- I still meditate and be impressed that there is a spiritual leader who can draw the peace of the world together. I hope to share the joy of meeting with Mr. Manu Singh in a beautiful world.

General Manager, Department of religion, HWPL


I met Manu ji when I was 18 and at the verge of losing my existential balance. It has been 5 years now and there hasn’t been a day, when I haven’t been thankful to the supreme for having met this beautiful person. The encompassing warmth and compassion that he carries in his presence, makes me want to become a better version of myself. His stories of personal struggle and adventures makes me more accepting of the uncertainties of life. It is only through him, that I have experienced the glimpses of LOVE. It is only because of him that I have truly began to know and accept myself with all the gifts and flaws. He saw through me everything that no one else could, the goodness and evil that hid deep inside me. He stood by my side and walked me through this beautiful journey of BECOMING

Pursuing Masters, Centre for Korean Studies, JNU &  a theatre actress


Manu Sir has been a guiding light for us at MASH. He's enlightehed us with his pearls of wisdom and deep knowledge of some of the most worldly topics in the world. I always look upon him as a mentor, guide and a person of immense calm. He is very popular among young team members of MASH as he is youthful, dynamic and effective facilitator and leader. His sessions on mindfulness are very powerful. We wish to continue keep learning from him and I hope he isnpires many others.

Co-founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation


Over the 19 years, I've known Manu, he has supported my journey of personal growth. Despite my many lows and highs, he remained the one constant equilibrium in my life. He is my mentor, my friend and someone, I know sincerely is making a difference spiritually in my life and those around him.

Barrister In Law (UK)


The association with some people can only be termed a soul connection. That is how it is for me with Manu (Singh). I first experienced his oratorical skills at an UNESCO-led consultation. He was speaking on Media & Information Literacy in context of Religion. Subsequently, we remained associated for similar trainings with religious leaders and youth in religious practice, where he and his organisation, Sarv Dharma Samvaad, were in charge. Right through, the one outstanding quality was the seamless work culture. The other was Manu’s vast network in the world of spirituality and religion and the respectful status he holds in that world. Manu has a spiritual strength that guides his conduct and style of work. He has a deep understanding of karma, duty and doing work with pleasure, apart from being well-read on a wide variety of subjects. He is deeply connected to Nature, particularly animals. He combines all this with a soft-spoken, yet authoritative confidence in communication. No wonder it is a pleasure to hear Manu and learn from him.

MAY 2020


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