Varenyum provides a foundation for safe and positive learning and enhances a child's ability for success in learning and in life.


Impact on Learning


Varenyum in Schools


The aim of this course is to aid educators map “Meditative Living” embedded in the Vaidik and the “Perennis” Indian Traditions to School Curriculums. It aims to provide practical framework to support educators to bring “MEDITATIVE LIVING” into their classrooms and across their school and to develop an eco-system in which mindfulness learning and awareness based approaches can evolve.

Meditative Living is a foundational skill which is required for both educators and students who are living in our increasingly complex world. When educators integrate mindfulness &Meditative living into their school communities, the conditions for greater wellbeing, resilience, kindness, and effective learning are cultivated, shifting the outcomes for an entire generation of young people.

For both adults and children, practicing mindfulness & Meditative living helps decrease stress and anxiety and allows us to regulate our nervous systems for emotional balance, increase attention, improve interpersonal relationships, and strengthen compassion.

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Our Approach

One of Varenyum’s key focus area is supporting young people to cultivate skills they need to possess to thrive in the contemporary competitive world. It is our belief that every child should have the opportunity to cultivate these skills regardless of socio-economic status, location or life situation.

Our program has been designed to support well being whilst at the same time developing skills to support school engagement and positive behaviour within the classroom. Additionally our programs also support educators well being too.


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